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Toon Blast Cheats – Learn How To Get Unlimited Coins

Toon Blast is an interesting puzzle based game, which is apt for all age groups. Developed by Peak Games, the game has attractive cartoony graphics to draw the attention of youngsters. Your main objective in the game is to complete various puzzles by matching pieces on the grid and for that you may need the help of Toon Blast Cheats. The game will let you sync between multiple devices, so you can start playing the game where you left irrespective of the fact that you are using a mobile phone or a tablet.

Making Combinations Of Blocks:

In the beginning of the game, you can tap on all combinations that you come across in the grid. However, if you start concentrating on making special combinations then it will help you to succeed quickly. When you make a combination of five blocks, it will turn into a Rocket. A combo of seven blocks will turn into a Bomb and grouping of nine blocks will turn into a Disco Ball. To make it easier for you to figure out special blocks on the grid, the symbol on the blocks will automatically change into a Disco Ball, Rocket, or Bomb. So, keep an eye on them!




Coins and Boosters are extremely vital currencies of the game. You can spend real cash to buy them or unlock Chests to earn them in limited amounts. Alternatively, you can consider using Toon Blast Cheats for acquiring good number of Coins and Boosters instantly.

Toon Blast Cheats

Coming back to Chests, there are two kinds of Chests available in the game: Star Chest and Regular Chest. You can unlock the Regular Chest after successfully completing ten levels. On the other hand, the Star Chest can be unlocked after you earn 20 Stars in the game. However, there are some criteria that needs to be followed for unlocking Star Chests like you can acquire them after completing Level 7, only 3 can be acquired in each level, etc.

The best way to acquire plenty of Stars is by completing the grid with lowest number of moves. If there are moves left at the end of the Level, then you will earn Stars. Each move that is left after completing the task in the level is converted into a Rocket, which will award you with 2,000 Points.


The more the number of Lives you acquire, the longer you will be able to play the game! The simplest way to procure Lives is by joining a team. However, you can join a team only after successfully completing Level 20.

The community of Toon Blast is a huge one. You can either join an existing team or create your own. To create a personal team, you will need plenty of Coins. Moreover, you will have to wait till other gamers join your team. Instead, it is better to join an existing team that has plenty of members. This will even save your Coins. If you want to spend Coins anywhere you want you can try Toon Blast Cheats

The members of the team are very helpful because they share their experiences as well as provide advice the new gamers. Whenever you are in need of Lives, you can ask team members to help you out. Lives can also be acquired by waiting for sometime as it regenerates automatically.

Gifting a Life to a gamer will not cost you anything. Instead, you will be rewarded with a Coin for each Life. So, whenever you need a Life then ask for it and when you have some extra Lives then gift it to other gamers. Each player can gift up to 5 Lives every few hours. So, you can continue enjoying your game without worrying about Lives.


Boosters are extremely important to clear several pieces at a time in the grid. There are several different types of Boosters accessible in the game that can be used for enhancing your gameplay. However, acquiring them is not easy! You can procure them once in a while by unlocking Regular Chest or Star Chest, so you should use them sparingly. In case you are stuck up with a tricky level, then use the Booster otherwise start playing the same level again with the hope of completing it in the second time.

For instance; the Boxing Glove Booster can be used for destroying each piece in an entire row. An Anvil Booster can clear an entire column in the grid whereas a Hammer Booster will destroy single blocks. Also, when you begin stages, you will get some Boosters that can be helpful in turning a block into a Disco Ball, Rocket, or Bomb.

Listed Below Are Some Amazing Tips That Will Make Your Toon Blast Game Simpler:

  • Before you begin with matching blocks on the grid, analyze the board and see if there are pieces that can be grouped together to make a combo. Each time you make a combo of four or more blocks, you will be able to create a special block.
  • When you acquire a Rocket and Bomb, try to have them adjacent to each other. This will let you combine special pieces for a powerful effect. For instance; two Rockets together will let you delete two lines at once. Two Bombs together will create a powerful explosion. You can even create combinations of different special pieces.
  • A Rocket and a Bomb combo is the best solution to wipe out three adjacent columns and rows. This combo can even be used for destroying objective related blocks like bubbles or balloons. Similarly, when you make a combo out of a Bomb and a Disco Ball, it will change the color of the blocks and destroy most of the blocks on the grid.
  • Change the date and time on your gaming device to acquire Lives instantly. All you need to do is move the time forward by a few hours. This trick will save you from wasting time in waiting for the Lives to regenerate on its own. Remember to change the time again after you finish playing the game for the day.

To conclude, Toon Blast is a fun game that will keep you busy with its numerous challenges. So, join the crazy world of Toon Blast and have a blast!


Toon Blast Cheats

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