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Yolo is one of the fastest growing chat applications on iOS and is currently rated as the #1 trending social networking app on the app store. It is a Snapchat-linked app and one of its interesting aspects is that it encourages the users to share their honest feedback to people by protecting their identity. So, those who are using the app can express their opinions towards other users without worrying about revealing their identity. Interesting and unique, isn’t it? However, before you download and start using the application, read the below shared review to know more about Yolo App.

Compatibility Criteria:

The application is compatible on all mobile and tablet devices having iOS version 10.1 or higher. Currently, an official version of the app is not available for Android but there are numerous websites that claim to have APK file of the app, which can be installed and used on Android devices running on version 4.4 or higher. Our Yolo Hack Reveal Yolo Usernames app works with all devices.

Age Requirement:

The recommended age to download and use the application is 18 and above but users over 13 years can use the app with parental guidance. However, the application prohibits users aged 12 and below to download and use the app due to safety concerns.

How To Use The Yolo Application?

Yolo App has an inbuilt snapchat kit, which will let you login to your snapchat account and integrate it with the application. Once you are logged into the application, you can post stories in your snapchat and use the Yolo filter to receive anonymous messages on your Yolo App. Anyone who views your story and has already been using Yolo can send anonymous messages and you too can do the same.

Important Features Of Yolo App:

Freely Available For All:

Anybody can download the app and use it for free, if they meet the requisite age requirement and their device meets the necessary hardware and firmware requirements. So, those who wish to explore a unique and exciting social messenger can surely give it a try and express themselves without giving away their identity.

Introvert Friendly:

If you are one of those individuals who uses various social networking sites, but is not good in expressing your thoughts and are scared that others would judge you, then Yolo is a perfect app for you! Through the Yolo App, you can easily express the way you feel about people you care for, without disclosing your identity. So, there is no need to get scared of being judged.

Admirers/Well Wishers:

There are many secret admirers who wish to express their feelings, but are not sure on how a person would react to it. This app serves as a perfect mode for such people who wish to express their love or admiration towards others. Also, there are many individuals who have well wishers but are unable to share their critical comments with the fear of hurting someone, so they can also convey their opinions freely through the app.

A Demerit Of Yolo App:

Although Yolo is an interesting application; but, the anonymity clause encourages cyber bullies to harass users, as all of us are not always surrounded by positive people. Nowadays, several cases are being reported where cyber bullies are pestering users on different social networking sites by writing irrelevant and unwanted comments. In order to ensure the safety and security of the users, the app developers have instructed the users to post positive feedbacks only.

Solution To Solve Cyber Bullying:

In spite of the app developers advising users to write positive comments, there are many who write annoying and inappropriate stuff. To solve this issue, you should make use of Yolo hack. The easiest way to keep cyberbullies at bay is by using hacking tools, which will bypasses the security and provide the user id of those who are harassing you. Once you have acquired the user id, you can immediately block them from your followers list. Thus, you will not get unwanted comments on your stories. Some more interesting aspects of Yolo Username Reveal Cheats are that it can be downloaded within seconds and is absolutely safe to use. So, if you wish to use the Yolo app, then don’t forget to download the Yolo hack, as your safety is in your hands.

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