Garena Free Fire Hack

Garena Free Fire Hack

Garena Free Fire Hack – Diamonds Generator 2019

Garena Free Fire is a good selection for the battleground game lovers. While playing it, you are facing real players as the opponents. The main objective of all players should be to survive more as they can. For the survival, you need to face some challenges and eliminate the other participants. Here, Garena Free Fire hack is providing essential that helps in performing effectively and efficiently.

Way to play



For winning the battles, you should be focused on the way of playing. It can be improved by focusing on some basic tips and tricks.

Be careful while landing

Landing is the first task which can be performed by everyone after participating in the battle. There are lots of places available where you can land. Before landing, try to choose and mark out the place carefully on the map.

Everyone should try to choose the place where minimum opponents land and more loot are available. Mainly the loot is including –

  • Guns
  • Ammo
  • Medical kit
  • Grenade

All these items can help you in performing properly in the battle. The loot is available in the buildings. Mainly the less crowded areas are available with limited buildings. Try to grab the loot quickly from these buildings.

Use headphones

As per the game concept, you need to eliminate other participants for dominating the battle. On the battleground various opponents are available. The gamers need to identify them first. The way of noise is the biggest source for performing such activities.

Headphones can help in listening to noise carefully and notify with the existence of an enemy. Mainly the noise is created with –

  • Footsteps
  • Movement
  • Firing

These are major noise creating elements. In case you are so close to the opponent then you may listen to reloading and other types of noises. Always try to take advantage of these and attack the enemy when he/she is not in a situation of defense.

Be in a safe area

You should try to keep the character always in the safe area. In case the character is outside the safe area then it may lead to health loss. The main thing on which you should be focused on is related to the safe area system.

The area is reducing after some specific time intervals. Every time after the reduction, the system provides a specific time period to reach the safe area. The Garena Free Fire cheats can assist here in getting how to perform activities in such condition.

Advantage of safe area boundary

After the safe area reduction, you should try to reach the boundary quickly and hold a good firing position. It can help you in getting maximum kills. In the situation, you can target others those are trying to enter the safe area.

Be hidden on battleground

For dominating the battleground, everyone should try to consider the way of hiding strategy. On the battleground lots of elements or objects available for it such as –

  • Rocks
  • Bushes
  • Buildings

Try to take cover behind all these things and avoid to get targeted. It can help you in getting proper safety and avoiding lots of issues. In case you are choosing the way of running in the open grounds freely then you may face problems.

These types of activities are grabbing the attention of opponents. They can easily target and eliminate you from the battle.

Consider camping

Some players are always choosing the way of attacking gameplay. Due to it, they are trying to consider the rush ways. Every time it cannot become useful. In the intense and difficult battles, the way of defense and camping should be considered.

It is the only way that provides chances to survive more as compared to attacking mode. In the camping, you need to be hidden and play silently. Here, it becomes necessary to avoid enemies rather than attacking them and becoming a part of combat.


By following all these tips, you can play the game in a dominating way. Use of Garena Free Fire hack make lots of factors easier and help you in availing some unique features. Be focused on the battleground and earn rewards by winning.

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  1. I like this site because it satisfy my needs…. I like this game so much the clothes, character, and the collection thanks to this site that provide such thing to help us…. This game is interesting and as long as I played this game I just can’t quit playing I just want all the clothes in there cause they are interting and also I just love free fire because it keeps on changing from time to time.

  2. I love free fire so much that I feel like to go to any extent to get the characters and items that I want and to do that I have to be prepared.So I need these tools to help me get the characters and get their skill and suits and to do that I would need the help from you guys so with the help you can make my dream and others dream come true just by helping me thank you for listening to my comment

  3. I have download only this game and this is better then pubg . I unlock only Andrew and a girl . If I have much diamond I unlock all the character

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