Dragon Ball Legends Hack

Dragon Ball Legends Hack - Crystals Cheats 2019


Dragon Ball Legends is a mix of role-playing mechanism and the fighting mechanics as well. If you are into fights a lot, then the game must be for you, as here you can fight multiple battles within the gameplay. The matches are PVP based that means you will be competing with other players in one on one fight. Rests there are some credits in the game that the players require to manage. All of these credits play a significant role in the game; therefore, make sure to collect all of them. However, if you are not able to manage them, then I would suggest you make the use of Dragon Ball Legends hack.

The game has breathtaking gameplay that will give you goose bumps for sure. So, if you want to have a good experience in the gameplay then here are some tips and strategies that you can follow:

DB Legends Tips

  • Consider the Elements

Before entering into a new event or story, have a glance at the opponent. Take enough time and check out the current team and their abilities. In the Battle Mode, the player must pay close attention to the character icons. Mainly, five colors contain every element like Green, Blue, Red, and others.  Red is considered as the most potent color than Yellow, but Dark is most dominating Color in Dragon Ball. Try to head into the battle with compelling characters and elements. 

  • Become a Proficient Player

Along with powers, every character associated with rarity levels and different class. Following are the type of class-

  • Defense
  • Ranged
  • Support

To win a maximum reward in a battle, then the user may need to consider the rarity level and elements of characters. You can unlock the abilities of character by making the use of EXP, Crystals, and Souls.

  • Unlock characters

After unlocking powerful characters in Dragon Ball, one should invest a considerable amount of time in the training. On completing few challenges in a particular mission, the user will able to attain enough EXP’s for a great progress. Training is mandatory for every player, so always give at least 2 or 3 days training to the character. Limit Breaks are making a player more powerful and stronger than ever. You can earn the funds by making the use of Dragon Ball Legends cheats and then you can unlock as many characters as you want.

  • Achieve milestone

Completing a story mission isn’t easy as it requires dedication and powerful team setup. To earn maximum awards, then you need to complete at least seven challenges in the mission. By completing a single challenge, you will be rewarded with three or Four Chrono crystals.  After fulfilling seven challenges, your pocket will inevitably be filled with Chrono Crystals and rare materials. In order to earn unique medals in Dragon Ball then the player needs to win Ranked PvP matches that are a little bit tougher.


There are four currencies in the game that the players need to collect. These currencies are Crystals, Zeni, Souls, and Z points.

Where can you earn these funds?

The currencies that are mentioned above are actually very crucial to collect in the game. However, the user can also buy the credits by spending real life credits, but when you can get them for free then why to spend the real money, right? Well, it can only be possible through Dragon Ball Legends hack.

Apart from that, if you are low on funds, then try to complete the missions as much as you can. It is because on getting the missions cleared, you get various funds in the game such as the experience points and other points.   

These are the few essential things that the players need to know if you are an amateur necessarily. Now, apply all the above tips in your gameplay and acquire the ultimate glory.